Client:  GW4 Alliance
Date: 2022
Team: AU/Studio
Design and CGI by AU/Studio


This project was our submissions for a competition on Circular Economy of Timber Buildings. We called the submission the BUG
We explore methods to recycle and reuse the many small offcuts pieces of timber currently wasted in timber yard and building sites. The idea is to use discarded and waste pieces of timber to assemble a pavilion, that could be installed in a park or in a school playground.
The design of the pavilion allow children for non-prescriptive and open-ended play.
In this instance, we designed a complex shape similar to a gigantic bug. The inside of the bug allow children to play around and have a small decked pond made using recycled livestock tank as the main focal point. Structurally, the pavilion is composed of linear element fixed together is a triangular form. So even though the shape is complex using specific computer algorithm, we have been simplifying the form to be composed only by triangles. The structural wood triangles are clad with bamboo sticks to create a lightweight canopy that shade the interiors of the bug.
The idea behind the proposal is to create amazing spaces using simple linear wooden elements that are normally wasted/discarded by the construction industry