Pavilion For All

Client: Argent Related and Barnet Council
Date: 2021
Team: AU/Studio
Role: Director
Design and CGI by AU/Studio


Il Giardino is AU/Studio’s submission for the ‘Pavilion for All’ competition.

People enter into a courtyard garden which is surrounded by an open air corridor that provides access to all spaces. The corridor and the garden could be covered with a canopy on top of the timber structure that follows the roof profile. The structure allows for climber plants to be grown. The concertina roof of the pavilion is inspired by local industrial buildings.


The pavilion has been designed using natural and plant based materials and dry joints, limiting the wet joints to a minimum for a full cradle to cradle life cycle of the pavilion.

The materials used are: timber for the main structure and substructures, natural stone for foundation pads, wood fibre slabs for insulation in walls, floors and roofs.

The walls and the roof are either finished with wood shingles or polycarbonate panels, which weigh less than glass and help to keep the structure lean.

To protect the pavilion from vandalism and to avoid overheating in the summer months, the external facade (which is clad in polycarbonate) has a 2.5 m gabion wall in front of it. Another benefit of the gabion wall, is it’s potential to host bugs, insects and small animals helping to contribute to the natural habitat.


The pavilion has a GIA of 1000 sqm and can provide up to four flexible spaces so that a variety of community activities can be accommodated