Our Services

Clients we work with, have different needs and approach to their projects.

Developers or more experienced clients are generally more relaxed as they know how the process of a new built or refurbished building works.

Other clients are less experienced and when they contact us it's the first time that they embark on this journey,  this lack of experience can cause worries and frustration mainly by the fact that it’s not clear how much building work costs, or how long things take.

Other cause of frustrations are given by the uncertainty of what can be obtained at planning. Clients don't have the knowledge and the skills to understand the process that lead their ideas to the finished product.

This is where AU/Studio can help you, to provide you with honest and realistic information up front. We’ll work with you to make the most of the space and budget you have.

The image above shows the existing condition of Ravensbourne Road before the clients appointed us.

The image above is taken from the digital twin, created during the design phases to develop and coordinate the design. Through images and walking through the digital twin, we made it easy for the clients to understand the design proposal and get early sign off that allow us to move through the different stages with confidence.

The image above is taken on site with the project completed.

To Start!

Email us explaining roughly what kind of project you are thinking to embark on.

We will contact you back to see if we can offer our services.

Clarity of Services

We split our services in simple stages, and give you our advice every step of the way. We base this on the RIBA Plan of Work which is a good way of defining the process. Before we start work on any project, we will always agree our services and fee in writing. Once we get going, these are the stages that we work to.


We start each project with a coffee and a chat, this is our chance to sit down together and discuss your project. We will offer you our advice and agree on the aims for the design. This provides information up front about the process ahead, and gives the project a clear start. We will come to the property and make sure we have got all the site information needed to start working. We recommend getting a digital survey, as this is more precise, and you will need it anyway further down the line in the next design stages.


Concept Design

We start each project with a concept study to clearly set out the spatial brief, budget, and timescale for your project, since each home is different. This provides information up front about the process ahead, and gives the project solid foundations. We will create some concept design ideas based on the brief. Once these are ready (usually about 2 weeks) we will send them to you for us to discuss. We create a digital twin of your building as a design tool but is very beneficial to you as clients, as you can understand the spaces that we are designing for you. We want to make sure you are happy with the concept before going further.


Planning Design

It is fundamental to make sure all the right permissions for the work are in place. We will advise on the best approach, and put together all the drawings and forms needed. At this stage the design will be more detailed and will show the key materials and dimensions for approval. Our digital twin will allow you to navigate your new space as if it was built, so we can get your sign off on the design and materials. We will submit the application to the Council for you, and keep you informed until the decision is in. (Note that some fees are required by the local authority, these are extras from our agreed fees)

Technical Design

During this stage, our drawings will be more detailed and show construction. We can suggest a some structural engineers, and will prepare the package for Building Regs approval. We will go through some of the materials that have not been selected during the previous stage. Once this is all agreed, we will write a detailed specification for the whole project.


It's important to choose the right contractor. We will run the tender process to ensure you compare quotes that are ‘likes for likes’ as many quotes can be misleading in order to appear cheaper. We will put the contract in place, and will carry out regular site inspections. Furthermore, we make sure that the work is done properly, deal with any queries, and issue all certificates. After completion, we’ll still be available to deal with anything that comes up.


This is the end and most exciting part of any project is the day our clients move in to their new space. Your journey from those initial ideas through the building taking form on site has ended, and your new space is finally ready for you to be used.

We hope you had a pleasant journey with us AU/Studio.