La Corte

Client: West Fraser
Date: 2022
Status: Competition
Team: AU/Studio
Role: Director
Location: UK
Services Provided: Architectural, interior and landscape concept design.


'La Corte’ is our proposal for the 'Retreat competition'.
The spaces are organized around an accessible inner garden, ‘La Corte’.
The design allows for spaces to rest, socialize and feel good with easy access to the nature around.
The communal spaces fold around the inner garden and are located on the north side of the building along the east, west spine.
At the end of this spine,  two terraces are located, to enjoy  either the morning sun or the sunset. A wide stair connect the living area with the west terrace, this can act as a stage for performance.
There are 3 double bed en suite and 2 twin bed with bathrooms, to enable the stay of10 guests.
The communal spaces are designed around the fireplace with lots of spaces to sits, talk, cook and eat together!