Bungalow Improvement

Client: Private
Date: 2021
Status: Ongoing
Services Provided: Feasibility study and Planning advice

Feasibility study for improving an existing unloved cottage into a 'scandi' looking home.

The design highlight some effective move to improve the existing space, a new large wooden window, a new door to the living space with a glazed fixed part to bring more light into the corridor, and to improve the front access, replacing the front door with a partially gazed one, and proposing a new canopy to protect the entrance from the rain and to create shading in the summer months.

The canopy will be constructed using reclaimed bricks, wood shingles and timber joists.

The team and the client felt that reusing materials was meaningful, even on a small project like this one.

Being able to presents the proposal using photorealistic images and real-time render made it easy for the client to agree on the proposal.

Taking informed decisions, exploring the design while walking in the digital copy of the building, is the way we work.