About us

AU/Studio was founded to design and built the Ravensbourne House project, by Daniele Sini, AU/Studio director while he was working for other practices.  

The practice was in hiatus for a few years while Daniele worked  on some awards winning projects for some well know offices.


In 2020 at the peak of the pandemics there has been a wider interest in the domestic spaces as more people have been spending time home, realizing that their home wasn't working while all occupants were living and working 24/7 together.

This situation led to new commissions for improving the domestic spaces, so AU/Studio became operational again, and driving from Daniele previous experiences AU/Studio combine the efficiency and standards of the big practices with the  qualities of the small office.


The design approach is very contextual, and we thrive to get design inspiration from the context of our projects, combining with the requirements of our clients to make each project unique.


We don't have a fixed style for our design, as we try to maximize the opportunity and possibility for each project, considering all the constraints (budget, site, planning) to bring you the spaces you have been dreaming of.

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